Brewery FAQ

~ What kind of seating is available?
   We currently have limited outdoor seating available (4 patrons per table) as well as indoor seating (two tables that can host up to 8 patrons and two tables that can host up to 4) We also have a side bar that can host up to 5 socially distanced patrons.

   During warmer months we have increased outdoor under-tent (open air) seating with picnic tables that host up to 4 patrons.

~ Are dogs allowed at the brewery?
   We allow well-behaved and leashed dogs at our outside seating areas. We can also provide water bowls.

~ Do you have food onsite?
    Whilst we do not currently have the ability to produce or sell food ourselves, we do have food trucks on select weekends and light snacks such as peanuts, chips and dip and seltzer waters. Please see social media for an up to date report on food truck availability.

~ Do you fill growlers?
   We absolutely fill growlers, weather they be sold by us or provided by you. (Fills of up to 128oz are possible with a provided growler, some offerings are limited to on-site or canned consumption however.

~ What steps do you take to ensure patron safety amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?
   We take the outbreak of COVID-19 extremely seriously and have regulations in place.

1. We thoroughly sanitize our establishment twice daily to include any touchable surface with a high-concentrated, industrial strength anti-microbial and anti-bacterial solution spray. Hand sanitizer is available at multiple stations throughout our establishment.
2. All patrons are required to properly wear a mask (covering NOSE AND FACE) while within our walls, unless seated and enjoying our offerings. We reserve the right to eject patrons and/or their party members who are not able to follow our protocol.
3. All tables and seating are bussed in between patrons using a high concentration liquid sanitizing solution.
4. Our dishwasher is of industrial grade and sanitizes glassware very well. Rest assured that all glassware is as clean as it can possibly be for your protection.
5. All employees are screened for body temperature upon arrival to their shift. Weekly check-ins assure that we are all feeling good and are as minimal a risk as is possible when interacting with the public.
6. No samples are given currently.
7. We ask that patrons stay three feet from the bar area whilst ordering. This ensures that we can maintain a safe distance from our customers and keeps everyone as safe as possible.
8. We have installed a plexiglass barrier (aka "sneeze guard") at our main POS station to ensure that we can
9. We have installed a contactless payment station so you can utilize Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and wifi-enabled credit cards without touching anything should you so choose.

~ Can I have a private party at Rocket Frog?
   Absolutely, we love to party! Unfortunately during the COVID-19 pandemic period, we cannot guarantee we can accommodate party requests due to legal restrictions and safety protocols. Please call ahead or email to ensure we can accommodate your request.

~ Do you sell kegs?
   Yes, we can accommodate 1/6 bbl and 1/2 bbl. We ask that you please call ahead to confirm updates on price and availability.

~What are your hours?
   Please check our social media pages or Google listing for current hours